Monday, July 26, 2010

Hack'n'a'Half: Gaga-No-Go. Now Get On: Incomplete History of Stronger, Better, More Fascinating Pop-Women:

Dorothy Bond, 'Les Oiseaux La Charmille (English)' : 1951

Yma Sumac, 'Taita Inti' : 1958

Big Maybelle, 'Rock House' : 1958

Ketty Lester, 'Love Letters' : 1961

Eartha Kitt, 'I Want to be Evil' : 1962

Grace Jones, 'Do Or Die' : 1978

Nina Hagen, 'Zarah' : 1983

Madonna, 'Like a Virgin' : 1984

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Get your knuck out of my Sister!

In order to masturbate with righteous disregret during times of bodily sickness or biological duress, imagine the spirit as a redtube refugee, and be not ashamed that the funny double-finger or circled hand-shroud should remain a constant companion through fever and through boating brealth! Make known how the trumpet song improngs the legende of fire music to divest digetless multiples of verifaction,thrumming gingerly up-down the proper structure of forgiveness. A promise is proposed between healthless languor, and appropriate face-nearness molten warmth. Get inside the prowling death-knettle of your loved one to locate the inner heated covenant you intend to share. Ths is the test. Bless you off!
-Rev. M.

Friday, February 5, 2010

You Should Allow a Friend

A shifting pervert ankle mired in slush previewed to me an illustration of her gasoline-powered desire machine. "I haven't softened the whirring, and so my dreams have become silenter," she sputtered, "otherwise, there is no longer any risk of fire hazard, and the neighbor's children have been very excited to be strapped into the rotating enclosure of the red pattern waves." All the outmoded emphasis of her grotesque gyrations and spattered garments recalled to me the lusty lackaday of the early warm season, which I insist you all contemplate for the remainder of this phase.