Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Scriptures!

Finally we've a spot to update you all on the progress of the forthcoming new translation of the Moonstone Continuum, The New American Lunarian Study Conti nuum. By the end of this year nearly an eighth of the Neutral Ring's phase four will be completed. Periodically we will be posting selections from the scriptures and the accompanying commentaries. Feel free to leave comments on the selections and discuss your own perceptual visions.

Here is the first section of The Garden Of Fair-Play which opens the first of the third set of parable cycles of phase four.

The Garden Of Fair-Play

When it began to rain a woman ran
a losing way, lost at the western edge

of her raw-gardened lot in life.
Gnarl-thorn enclutched her un-cut locks;

fibrous wood-cotton swatches lacerated from her
heel (rarely uncalloused) to her toe (flawlessly wrought);

visions of unconceived-of violence seemed
constraining to her nudeness, like the garments

she‘d heard tell of, donned on Second Earth
by agonizingly disfigured adults stranded

dangling cruciform upon the ulcer of their shame.#
Momently she sorrowed more for these unknown

tortured brethren, than for her own
imminently threatened person,

over which she shed no tear:
her pedimental source of self was pavement, mortared

with high-headed pride, hard earned and justified.
But facing disempurity# by storm-death

how her heart contorted, she surely would never see
again her humble palette or her birthing trough.

But away above the roar, remaining coyly unbeknownst,
lazing ecstatic over lightning’s thin up-spray of striking hair,

voraciously enswooned so suddenly
I spied the raw explicity of her exposed predicament

and stood and sloughed my lingering drowse
vowing to shed aid on her lowly,

feeble, human, frightened frame.

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